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Arise Interiors is a full service interior design firm specializing in creating spaces with character

Interior Design Services

Our goal is to deliver iconic designs that are original, refreshing and perfectly paired with your needs, goals and style. From the initial concept phase through to a completed remodel, our Interior Design Services and design process is seamless. We recognize that every design project carries its own particular concerns, and we provide a scope of services specifically tailored to your needs. Whether you are working on an entire home from the ground up, or on a single room, we carefully consider your lifestyle, your desires and your budget. Over the past 12 years, we have built excellent relationships with the best builders, contractors and craftsmen in the San Diego area and collaborate with them to provide the best work available. Arise Interiors goes beyond decoration and design. We create homes and spaces that are timeless, original and functional. Interior spaces designed to fit the way you live… with your own special twist of originality. 

Building Dreams From the Ground Up

Our Custom Services

Kitchen, Bath, and Home Office Design or Remodel: Specializing in original, dramatic transformations.

Interior Design Consultations: We provide a free consult in your home or office to begin your interior design project!

Structural Functionality and Space Planning: Move walls, put in a skylight… explore unexpected ways to transform your space.

Space Expansion: Add square footage to your residential or commercial space with form and function in mind.

Materials, Fittings and Finishes: We believe average is just not good enough. These little details count!

Custom built cabinetry, windows and doors: If you want something truly unique, we’ll source it.

Reuse and Repurposing Existing Elements and Furnishings: Keep what works, replace what doesn’t.

Whole House Design or Remodel: For the ultimate interior design statement, perfectly matched to your lifestyle.

A Generous Helping of Personality Makes Your Home Fabulous

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“I think the tendency for most clients is to want a newer version of what they are used to, or to go with something they have seen repeatedly in magazines. At Arise, we offer an elegant push to discover the unexpected, the suddenly possible, and the deeply personal. We view each project with a clean slate. With your inspiration, and our expertise — the possibilities explode!”

– Traci Taylor, Principal Designer

Let The Transformation Begin

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