As summer continues to bring nice weather, having an outdoor living space might be just what your home needs.” 

The best outdoor spaces we have constructed have incorporated both direct and indirect lighting to maximize ambiance and mood setting. Top it off with a water or fire feature and you are set for success. – HB Home Services

Arise Interiors was recently a featured contributor to an article on real estate website Redfin, where the topic of building ultimate outdoor living spaces was discussed in its modern-day popularity and variety. Traci from Arise Interiors made this suggestion when considering the design and details of your ultimate outdoor living space:

When you are looking at your outdoor space try to view it as zoned areas just as you would with your interior.  By planning and defining areas for a specific use, or multiple uses ensures that you’re getting the most out of the space. Think in terms of the kitchen area, lounge seating, or play area, there are so many options. Once you have your space planned out, selecting surfaces, finishes and furnishing becomes much easier. Don’t be afraid to define multiple purposes for one area. 

There were several other designers featured from the East to the West, all offering their insight as to what to consider when creating your year-round outdoor living space. Some might even say that it should be a balanced reflection of your indoor living space.

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