Kitchen & Master Bathroom Renovation

 Art and interior design go hand in hand. Many Interior Designers have a go-to art gallery for staging their finished spaces. We have been using pieces from the Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery in La Jolla for years. CFA Gallery is a premier fine art gallery featuring paintings, sculptures and limited edition works from internationally acclaimed artists.

Wall art matters the most when it comes to comprehensive interior design. A custom painting for interior design solution can bring together an entire room. 


Art Can Achieve . . .

  • Instant color palette
  • A focal point
  • Color and texture
  • Personal Life Philosophy

Custom Painting for Interior Design Solution

At the end of select projects, once the furniture and art pieces are in place, there is a professional photoshoot of the finished space. Sometimes, Traci’s client’s fall in love with the curated art and purchase the pieces to keep in their home.

This was the case for a complete home remodel that wrapped up back in 2017. The owner of the home fell in love with the painting that Traci selected and after nearly 2 years couldn’t stop thinking about it – unfortunately someone bought the painting from the gallery before the homeowner had a chance to buy for it.

As a solution, the artist presented a few other paintings similar to the original one, but none of them jumped out at the homeowner as much as the original – they just didn’t have the right color palette or feel.

The Solution

Since the homeowner did not love any of the new choices, the artist decided to paint an entire new painting that had the same tones and feel as the original painting + a sprinkle of symbolic details of the home owner’s personal life philosophy. This custom painting for interior design solution quickly became a leading focal point completing the newly renovated space.

Fast forward to now (2020) and the homeowner received her custom painting.

The finished painting turned out more magnificent than the original painting. Here is a look of the finished painting.

The Interpretation

Below you can see the painting’s interpretation from the homeowner.

Final Word

“…here is an ocean, city, stand up paddle boarder, sail boat, plane, sunny sky, a mirror that I am looking through and it is reflecting my life.”

As an Interior Designer, Traci develops meaningful relationships with her clients and it’s these types of stories that make her love what she does. 

View the full Case Study for this project HERE

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