Design Institute – 2021 IDV Final Presentations | Traci Taylor, Arise Interiors

Design Institute – 2021 IDV Final Presentations | Traci Taylor, Arise Interiors

Excited to share that our very own Traci Taylor, was a judge for the Design Institute-IDV final presentations. The Design Institute students worked hard to present incredible design solutions for the project at hand. Big shout out to the professor that led this project, Lily Robinson, Ed.D, Architect, NCIDQ. Read more below!

The Final Presentation

The final project was to redesign an old ruin, that used to be a Smallpox Memorial Hospital (pictured here). The ruin is located on Roosevelt Island, a narrow island in New York City’s East River, within the borough of Manhattan. It lies between Manhattan Island to its west and the borough of Queens, on Long Island, to its east. The students had to present an entire concept, program, and plans.

Concept, Program, and Plans

Some of the world’s best known designers combine traditional architecture with contemporary designs to create unique spaces. Students had to mimic this design process by redesigning an old ruin. Student designers had a chance to think critically and intentionally about obstacles and layout restrictions to design innovative solutions for this complete redesign as their final presentation.

” I was very impressed with the creativity and dedication that was presented by the DI Interior Design students! It was an honor to be on the judging panel. The students presented innovative and unique ideas. Without a doubt we have an exceptional new generation of designers entering the industry!”

Traci Taylor

Principle Designer, Arise Interiors

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Arise Interiors Home is a Stop on the Modern Home Tour 2019

Arise Interiors Home is a Stop on the Modern Home Tour 2019

This year an Arise Interiors home was a stop on the San Diego Modern Home Tour 2019.

What is Modern Home Tour?
This year the the San Diego Modern Home Tour took place last Saturday, October 12th. This Modern Home Tour is a chance to GET INSIDE modern San Diego homes and meet the architects, builders and designers that made it happen – and maybe even ask a question or two about your that special project playing around in the back of your own mind!

Why was the Arise Interiors home such a unique stop on the tour?
There were a total of 7 modern home stops on the tour. The Arise Interiors home was the most unique stop, because not only did Arise Inteiros design the complete home remodel, but Arise Interiors’ lead designer, Traci Taylor, and her family reside in the newly remodeled home. Traci and, husband,  Joe Metcalf of Arise Design + Brand were available during the tour to answer design questions or give insights on design projects.

Home Design Background 
This Bay Park home was typical of the post-war GI housing build at the time. At just under 900 square feet there were 3 bedrooms and one bath which created cramped in-efficient spaces. A master suite was added in 2009 and a substantial second story addition was completed just last year.

Complete Remodel Details
Given the home’s style was insignificant the design purposefully contrasts the existing architecture, while leaving some elements of the original home visible.The exterior is clad in steel which has taken on a rust patina that contrasts the stucco portions of the original home. The modern style encapsulates and wraps front room that still hold the tell-tale lines of the mid-century economy building.

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We Have Moved to a New Office!

We Have Moved to a New Office!


We are excited to announce that our team has moved to a new location off Clairemont Drive. We spent the previous three years working out of the home studio — our old office served us well, and we created great spaces and fun designs but we couldn’t be more excited about our new space. The new office is a double-decker mid century building from 1957.



Among other things, we’re looking forward to meeting our new neighbors. We aim to be a friend
and good citizen to the many wonderful social services, arts and charitable organizations based here.

Thanks for everyone’s support through the years and with the move.

Call Us Today- 858-412- 0563

3660 Clairemont Drive #10
San Diego, CA 92117

Using Thier Space

Using Thier Space



Having a family of four in a 2 bedroom downtown condo is certainly do-able yet not what my clients had in mind. Designing & constructing a third bedroom was the goal as well as opening up the entry, disguising a door, better lighting & creating more storage.



Contemporary Southwest Kitchen

Contemporary Southwest Kitchen

Tucson Kitchen Design

This Tucson, AZ kitchen remodel is complete and the clients are loving their updated space. They are both home chefs and are really excited about the gas range.  In the process of finding homes for their tools in the custom cabinets this contemporary southwest home is even more a perfect place just for them.