4 Steps To Prepare For A Successful San Diego Remodeling Project

4 Steps To Prepare For A Successful San Diego Remodeling Project


San Diego’s climate offers the perfect opportunity to remodel any time of the year. Whether you plan to upgrade your home’s exterior or renovate your kitchen, steps should be taken to ensure a smooth process and an excellent relationship with your contractor and designer. Your vision will easily come to life if you start your project with clear communication and expectations. These four steps can build relationships that will ensure your remodel will be a dream come true.


Step 1: Get A Contract

Communication is key to any successful professional relationship.  Get a clear contract that outlines any potential circumstances which may arise throughout the project. By expressing your expectations and goals at the start of the project, your contractor and designer can help guide your expectations. No remodeling project goes perfectly, so an in depth contract can prevent problems over the course of your renovation.


Step 2: Establish A Budget

Establishing a budget at the start is important to avoid any complications during  your remodel. At Arise Interiors we’ve developed a tool that assists in setting a working budget for any project. We always start by learning about your dreams and aspirations for your home and go from there. Establish how much you will spend if all things go as planned, but also to set a “just in case” budget incase you run into complications. You will get what you want without breaking the bank if, or more likely, when a complication arises. A budget also provides a guideline for a productive relationship between you, your contractor, designers, as well as your spouse or other decision makers that are involved in the project.


Step 3: Establish Your Boundaries

Communication is crucial to the success of your remodeling project. You will spend a significant amount of time with your designers, contractors and workers. They will spend time in your home, so it is important to establish and communicate your boundaries. If you would like workers to use a particular door, bathroom, etc, establish those requests up front. Additionally think about your own daily routine. For example, if there are days you are not available, communicate that. Do you have young children or pets? If so, accommodations can be made, but only if your project team knows that from the beginning. 


Step 4: Prepare Your Home

While your home is under construction, your day-to-day life will be disrupted. The kitchen is a key space in any home, and if it’s out of commission an alternative cooking space most likely will be needed. Outdoor spaces in Southern California fortunately work well for this. Additionally, you’ll need to clear paths for workers to maneuver in and out, and stow away any fragile, valuable and bulky items safely out of the way.


Success Starts with You

Your home is important. Getting a remodel project done right can make all the difference, and finding the right team is key. Let us know if you have any questions or would like more information about the process.

If you are considering a remodel project in your home, contact Arise Interiors today to line up a consultation with our leading designer.








What Really Goes Into A Remodeling Project

What Really Goes Into A Remodeling Project

In order to ensure the success of a home remodeling project in san diego, research is the most important foundation. Here is how Arise Interiors achieves desired results through the design discovery and project exploration phase.

A large population of us love watching renovation television shows. It’s so easy to sit and binge watch an entire show of before and after shots!  Planning a Remodeling Project in San Diego.

It’s no surprise that the excitement that shows through the happy couples viewing the result of their remodeling projects is expected to be the norm throughout the design project. However, there is much more work that goes behind what we all see in an hour long episode. When it comes to executing your very own remodeling project, it is not all flowers and rainbows.

As an interior design firm in San Diego, we know and have experienced first hand the hidden problems that may come up during a remodeling project, and we know exactly how to avoid them. The secret is to set the right foundation from the beginning. To ensure our clients’ interior design vision comes to life within their ideal timeline and budget restrictions, we use a highly-strategic phase in our design process. The initial design discovery and project exploration phase is fundamental to truly understanding what your property, budget, and timeline will allow you to reach the desired outcome of your remodeling project.

Planning a Remodeling Project in San Diego: The Phases Of Design Discovery And Project Exploration

The long beginning phase of a remodeling project is barely featured on your favorite home remodeling TV show, but it goes without saying – those interior designers, clients, and contractors are going through the same process prior to demolishing walls, tearing out cabinets, and picking out materials.

1. Field Study

The first step in any remodeling or interior design project includes detailed examination of your space or property. This includes precise measurements of the area being remodeled. When you work with Arise Interiors, an experienced representative will come out to your site to measure the floor plan, doors, windows, openings, and potential restrictions, such as vents, HVAC systems, structural walls and beams, and more. You can except an expert to come in and conduct a thorough site evaluation. This limits any potential for costly or detrimental issues that could arise later down the timeline. We will also take before photos and videos of the job site.

2. Drawings

We will use the information gathered in the field study phase to develop drawings that effectively communicate the initial design plan and overall vision to contractors. This will include a floor plan of the existing property for each area that will be designed, as well as conceptual floor plans that demonstrate the desired outcome of the remodeling project.

These conceptual floor plans include:
– Layout changes
– Removal of structural elements
– Additions the client wishes to see in the space

This is a labor-intensive process and extremely detailed-oriented in order to get the most accurate construction bids for the project.

3. Aesthetic Concept

The next phase of the design discovery and project exploration includes a mood board and color story for each area that will be designed by Arise Interiors. This information will help guide the project, our goal is to prevent any unforeseen changes down the project timeline that could put the project over the expected budget.

4. Bid Request & Master Project Budget

The next step is to discuss the budget. Formal bid requests will be sent out to our curated network of contractors. We will then schedule meetings accordingly. Then comes the proposed budget that includes costs for materials and finishes. Lastly we will add up the totals with the most fitting construction bids for a clean and transparent project total.

5. Project Review

This is the meeting where all decision makers come to the table. The objective is to review and discuss the findings of the design discovery and project exploration and determine the appropriate steps to get started.


Working With Arise Interiors For Your Remodeling Project

At Arise Interiors, we take transparency very seriously. Feeling confident that the designer you’ve chosen is a good fit for you is essential to the success of your project and you can only feel that way if you have all the information. If you are interested in remodeling a space in your home or office, contact Arise Interiors today to start the process.

How To Choose Between San Diego Interior Designers

How To Choose Between San Diego Interior Designers

It’s never a simple task to remodel or redesign a space or your whole house for that matter. Interior design projects can only succeed if they are thoroughly planned and well-executed. Often it’s best give that job to professional interior designers. They understand the minute ins-and-outs of the whole design process. That being said, there are countless San Diego interior designers and they can range widely in terms of quality. How are you able to accurately compare your options to make sure you’re making a well thought out decision?

The best ways to compare San Diego Interior Designers

There are many simple tactics that may help guide your decision process when you’re looking to work with an internal designer. Let’s dive into some effective comparison methods.

Consider Their Experience And Education

Just like other professional services, a designer’s work and history should speak volumes. Quality interior designers will have a measurable amount of experience behind them. Their history of completed projects will offer you a transparent indication of what experience they bring to the table.

As you research your options in your area, take the time to check out each designer’s portfolio. Their project examples will effectively demonstrate the standard of their work, their ability to master certain styles, and other areas of experience they might bring into their work. Online reviews offer another source for you to get tremendous insights on any given designer. Those reviews will provide clarity on what you’ll be able to expect for the standard customer experience.

You should also take the time to review the education of every designer you’re considering hiring. A design degree can provide further clarity on a designer’s expertise. As an example, our Principal Designer, Traci Taylor, attended the Art Institute of Colorado. She received her BFA in Interior Design in 2001. Traci is also a member of the ASID. This membership allows her to broaden her design expertise through yearly Continued Education.

Compare Design Processes

A remodeling project can take to finish. You shouldn’t lay awake at night wondering where you’re at within the design process. Instead, you ought to be aware of every step of the project and where you currently are. The design you select should have a straightforward and easy-to-understand design process and clear communication throughout the project.

Get as sense of who your designer is as a person

A remodel or new home design is often a very personal process. It’s incredibly important that you simply connect well with and have an understanding of your designer.

We form an impression of people within the first few minutes of meeting. For this reason, it’s incredibly important to schedule a call or in-person meeting with the designer you’re considering hiring.

Some interior designers will even offer introductory services so you’ll be able to get an idea of what services they need to supply. At Arise Interiors, our Design Session is an ideal opportunity to meet Traci and her team and make sure that you’ve found the right fit.

At Arise Interiors, our experienced residential interior design team will bring your vision to life. We’ll provide the highest-quality materials and unparalleled design expertise to make sure that your finished design is the perfect for you.

Contact Arise Interiors and start working with one of the best San Diego interior designers today!

San Diego Home/Garden  – Bath of the Year 2020

San Diego Home/Garden – Bath of the Year 2020

A Bath with Personality

“The universal design aspect makes this bathroom special on many levels.” – Linda Medina

Artistry and Access:  Waves of tranquility wash over a bathroom creation featuring a circular stained-glass window with whorls of art swimming within a sea of glossy, turquoise-teal wall tiles. The room’s beauty belies the fact that the space’s main design priority to address accessibility needs.

“My clients had downsized into a typical townhome and needed this new space to stand out but also be accommodating of aging in place,” designer Traci Taylor of Arise Interiors explains. “Jim has a handful of challenges ahead of him in dealing with Parkinson’s and all of its symptoms.”

“The existing bathroom was small and narrow and was difficult to get in and out of, “Jim adds, “I wanted the bathroom to be easy for me to navigate and put the kibosh on tripping hazards.”

By eliminating the tub and not using a shower door as well as creating a curb-less shower and installing anti-slip porcelain flooring to reduce the likelihood of falling, Traci not only optimized the shower space for mobility, but gave it a sleek, minimalist look. SDHG


Read the rest of the article on San Diego Home and Garden Lifestyle Magazine March 2020 Issue.




Want to read more about the design process and watch the client’s testimonial? Check out the Case Study!

Tucson Lifestyle  – Kitchen Showcase

Tucson Lifestyle – Kitchen Showcase

Designed to Dazzle

“A clever kitchen remodel complements this home’s sophisticated mid-century elements” – Tucson Lifestyle

Prior to its remodel, the kitchen had a tight workspace, low flat ceiling and a small patio door. Closing off the side with the patio door created space for anew pantry and oven. Decorative ceiling beams, designed to frame the skylights, highlighting the architectural quality of the sloped ceiling. Custom maple cabinetry was stained with a transparent teal finish. Windows were enlarged to allow for more natural light, as well as improved exterior views. Tucson Lifestyle

View the original article here: Tucson Lifestyle Magazine January 2020 Issue.

Want to read more about the design process and watch the client’s testimonial? Check out the Case Study!

Hiring a Junior Designer

Hiring a Junior Designer

Arise Interiors – San Diego, CA

Part-time  |  Junior Designer Role


1-2 years working with a design firm or college degree in Interior Design (students nearing graduation will be considered)

Required Computer Skills:
Proficient in Autocad, Sketchup, Word, Excel & Powerpoint
Other 3D Rendering Skills, while not required, would be welcome

Job Description:
Arise Interiors is currently seeking a detail-focused, energetic, creative, and professional to join our San Diego based studio. The team member will work under the direct supervision of a Senior Designer while performing a broad variety of design and/ or drafting tasks.
Arise Interiors creates stunning, award-winning designs that have been featured in San Diego Home & Garden, Architectural Digest and other regional publications. We are looking for a team member who is excited about design and has an eye for details and quality control consistent with the expectations of high-end design.

Responsibilities include:

  • Ability to interpret what is needed for the look and feel of a project and select appropriate fixtures, furnishings, and materials options.
  • Proficiency in Autocad and Sketchup
  • Blocking up elevations from floor plans
  • Articulating ideas and concepts into floor plans
  • Production of door, hardware, plumbing, lighting, and finish schedules
  • Support in quotes and bids for materials and services related to projects
  • Contact vendors, order samples, procure pricing and lead times.

Job Type:
Part-time with option for future growth


Please email your resume and portfolio to ttaylor@ariseartgroup.com