Hiring a Junior Designer

Hiring a Junior Designer

Arise Interiors – San Diego, CA

Part-time  |  Junior Designer Role


1-2 years working with a design firm or college degree in Interior Design (students nearing graduation will be considered)

Required Computer Skills:
Proficient in Autocad, Sketchup, Word, Excel & Powerpoint
Other 3D Rendering Skills, while not required, would be welcome

Job Description:
Arise Interiors is currently seeking a detail-focused, energetic, creative, and professional to join our San Diego based studio. The team member will work under the direct supervision of a Senior Designer while performing a broad variety of design and/ or drafting tasks.
Arise Interiors creates stunning, award-winning designs that have been featured in San Diego Home & Garden, Architectural Digest and other regional publications. We are looking for a team member who is excited about design and has an eye for details and quality control consistent with the expectations of high-end design.

Responsibilities include:

  • Ability to interpret what is needed for the look and feel of a project and select appropriate fixtures, furnishings, and materials options.
  • Proficiency in Autocad and Sketchup
  • Blocking up elevations from floor plans
  • Articulating ideas and concepts into floor plans
  • Production of door, hardware, plumbing, lighting, and finish schedules
  • Support in quotes and bids for materials and services related to projects
  • Contact vendors, order samples, procure pricing and lead times.

Job Type:
Part-time with option for future growth


Please email your resume and portfolio to ttaylor@ariseartgroup.com

Arise Interiors Home is a Stop on the Modern Home Tour 2019

Arise Interiors Home is a Stop on the Modern Home Tour 2019

This year an Arise Interiors home was a stop on the San Diego Modern Home Tour 2019.

What is Modern Home Tour?
This year the the San Diego Modern Home Tour took place last Saturday, October 12th. This Modern Home Tour is a chance to GET INSIDE modern San Diego homes and meet the architects, builders and designers that made it happen – and maybe even ask a question or two about your that special project playing around in the back of your own mind!

Why was the Arise Interiors home such a unique stop on the tour?
There were a total of 7 modern home stops on the tour. The Arise Interiors home was the most unique stop, because not only did Arise Inteiros design the complete home remodel, but Arise Interiors’ lead designer, Traci Taylor, and her family reside in the newly remodeled home. Traci and, husband,  Joe Metcalf of Arise Design + Brand were available during the tour to answer design questions or give insights on design projects.

Home Design Background 
This Bay Park home was typical of the post-war GI housing build at the time. At just under 900 square feet there were 3 bedrooms and one bath which created cramped in-efficient spaces. A master suite was added in 2009 and a substantial second story addition was completed just last year.

Complete Remodel Details
Given the home’s style was insignificant the design purposefully contrasts the existing architecture, while leaving some elements of the original home visible.The exterior is clad in steel which has taken on a rust patina that contrasts the stucco portions of the original home. The modern style encapsulates and wraps front room that still hold the tell-tale lines of the mid-century economy building.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about a new project, contact Arise Interiors today!

San Diego Home/Garden – “27th Annual Kitchen of the Year”

San Diego Home/Garden – “27th Annual Kitchen of the Year”

Traci Taylor was selected to be a Judge for San Diego Home and Garden 27th Annual Kitchens of the Year

“Smart space planning allows for all the bells and whistles.”

Traci Taylor:  Thank you San Diego Home and Garden for allowing me to be a judge for the 27th Annual Kitchens of the Year.

“WHITE, BLACK, and GRAY played leading roles in the winners of our 2018 Kitchens of the Year contest while TURQUOISE, TANS AND BRASSES made up the supporting roles. Our trio of judges applauded the FUNCTIONALITY, LAYOUTS and CLASSY STYLES of their five top picks. New this year, we gave readers a chance to vote on all 50 entires. Their number one choice? A HOMEOWNER- Designed kitchen that the judge also praised.” – San Diego Home and Garden

San Diego Home/Garden – “Better by Design: Loft Love”

San Diego Home/Garden – “Better by Design: Loft Love”

A welcoming home emerges from an empty box in this East Village loft.

“Designer Traci Taylor has fashioned an inviting, modern, relaxing home in an industrial loft space.”

Traci Taylor:  Thank you San Diego Home and Garden Better by Design for the  “LOFT LOVE”! We made a harsh industrial space feel like home; a livable, warm and fun place that takes advantage of the great loft windows, doors and incredible views of the emerging East Village scene. We loved this fun and challenging East Village transformation opportunity!

“To become cozy nests, big empty warehouse-style spaces need lots of design help.

For this East Village loft, designer Traci Taylor split-up the space by crafting a private section for the bedroom, closet and master bath; and created kitchen, bar and dining areas meant for entertaining.


To separate the bedroom suite from the living area, she installed a partition of opaque glass, added solid surrounding walls. An added Solid wall allowed for a built-in closet, while also dividing the room from the kitchen. By integrating a concrete support beam at the foyer, she landed a wine bar next to the cook space. And with a mix of modern furniture and enticing accessories, she ensured a more inviting atmosphere. ” SDHG


San Diego Home/Garden – “Honorable Mention: Shower-Tub Experience”

San Diego Home/Garden – “Honorable Mention: Shower-Tub Experience”

Kudos for Traci Taylor of Arise Interiors, for her contemporary bathroom redo in La Jolla. An inspiring space.

“We love how this shower-tub space is open to the outdoors, but private and how the room is flooded with natural light .”  – Judge Danielle Perkins

Thank you San Diego Home and Garden Lifestyles “Honorable Mention” awards for featuring our bathroom remodel in La Jolla. Using clean lines and lots of glass we gave this space lots of breathing room; inviting the outside in. Soft tones and luxurious materials make this master bath a divine respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

“We love how this shower-tub space opens to the outdoors, yet remains private, and how the room floods with light. The feeling is effortless and clam; appealing to all three judges.”
Traci Taylor: ‘The master bath had a large sunken area for the tub and shower, which created an awkward space that felt like a void. Bringing the floor surface up to the same level was the first step, by utilizing a large window, we allowed the outdoors to be a focal point, not just a detail. These details opened up the space and created a real sanctuary garden feel, within the bathroom.’ SDHG 

Thank you for the opportunity to reveal your master bath’s potential. We really love this project.

We Have Moved to a New Office!

We Have Moved to a New Office!


We are excited to announce that our team has moved to a new location off Clairemont Drive. We spent the previous three years working out of the home studio — our old office served us well, and we created great spaces and fun designs but we couldn’t be more excited about our new space. The new office is a double-decker mid century building from 1957.



Among other things, we’re looking forward to meeting our new neighbors. We aim to be a friend
and good citizen to the many wonderful social services, arts and charitable organizations based here.

Thanks for everyone’s support through the years and with the move.

Call Us Today- 858-412- 0563

3660 Clairemont Drive #10
San Diego, CA 92117