One Painting Can Complete A Room

One Painting Can Complete A Room



Kitchen & Master Bathroom Renovation

 Art and interior design go hand in hand. Many Interior Designers have a go-to art gallery for staging their finished spaces. We have been using pieces from the Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery in La Jolla for years. CFA Gallery is a premier fine art gallery featuring paintings, sculptures and limited edition works from internationally acclaimed artists.

Wall art matters the most when it comes to comprehensive interior design. A custom painting for interior design solution can bring together an entire room. 


Art Can Achieve . . .

  • Instant color palette
  • A focal point
  • Color and texture
  • Personal Life Philosophy

Custom Painting for Interior Design Solution

At the end of select projects, once the furniture and art pieces are in place, there is a professional photoshoot of the finished space. Sometimes, Traci’s client’s fall in love with the curated art and purchase the pieces to keep in their home.

This was the case for a complete home remodel that wrapped up back in 2017. The owner of the home fell in love with the painting that Traci selected and after nearly 2 years couldn’t stop thinking about it – unfortunately someone bought the painting from the gallery before the homeowner had a chance to buy for it.

As a solution, the artist presented a few other paintings similar to the original one, but none of them jumped out at the homeowner as much as the original – they just didn’t have the right color palette or feel.

The Solution

Since the homeowner did not love any of the new choices, the artist decided to paint an entire new painting that had the same tones and feel as the original painting + a sprinkle of symbolic details of the home owner’s personal life philosophy. This custom painting for interior design solution quickly became a leading focal point completing the newly renovated space.

Fast forward to now (2020) and the homeowner received her custom painting.

The finished painting turned out more magnificent than the original painting. Here is a look of the finished painting.

The Interpretation

Below you can see the painting’s interpretation from the homeowner.

Final Word

“…here is an ocean, city, stand up paddle boarder, sail boat, plane, sunny sky, a mirror that I am looking through and it is reflecting my life.”

As an Interior Designer, Traci develops meaningful relationships with her clients and it’s these types of stories that make her love what she does. 

View the full Case Study for this project HERE

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Redfin – Tips for Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Redfin – Tips for Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

As summer continues to bring nice weather, having an outdoor living space might be just what your home needs.” 

The best outdoor spaces we have constructed have incorporated both direct and indirect lighting to maximize ambiance and mood setting. Top it off with a water or fire feature and you are set for success. – HB Home Services

Arise Interiors was recently a featured contributor to an article on real estate website Redfin, where the topic of building ultimate outdoor living spaces was discussed in its modern-day popularity and variety. Traci from Arise Interiors made this suggestion when considering the design and details of your ultimate outdoor living space:

When you are looking at your outdoor space try to view it as zoned areas just as you would with your interior.  By planning and defining areas for a specific use, or multiple uses ensures that you’re getting the most out of the space. Think in terms of the kitchen area, lounge seating, or play area, there are so many options. Once you have your space planned out, selecting surfaces, finishes and furnishing becomes much easier. Don’t be afraid to define multiple purposes for one area. 

There were several other designers featured from the East to the West, all offering their insight as to what to consider when creating your year-round outdoor living space. Some might even say that it should be a balanced reflection of your indoor living space.

Read more on the article Tips for Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space by clicking here. We also have other design tips within the Arise Interiors website, to which you can access by clicking here

Looking Ahead As Design Changes The Climate

Looking Ahead As Design Changes The Climate

Now more than ever before is our climate becoming the center of our decisions. From the brands we like, to the homes we live in, sustainability and the effect of our decisions on the climate are vitally important. In the design world, as i + D Magazine put it, “there’s a renewed interest in producing and highlighting sustainable products for the home.” And it is true. At Arise Interiors, we are constantly looking to incorporate recycled materials, fair trade design elements and sustainably manufactured resources. In this blog post we are going to be sharing some of our favorite highlights from the i + D Magazine Spring 2020 issue, ‘Looking Ahead as Design Changes the Climate’.

Highlight 1: A Guiding Principle

Founded in 2006, was the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC). This council is comprised of manufacturers, retailers and designers designated to increase the eco-responsibility of furniture being made across the world. The SFC has scorecards for a furniture piece by looking at the materials that are used to make it. For example, the Wood Furniture Scorecard was created to hold furniture companies to a high expectation that they select and source wood sustainably and responsibly. The guided efforts of SFC are not only looked at by manufacturers but also by consumers. According to i + D Magazine, nearly half of their website traffic comes from consumers wanting to learn more about what they are buying. This is something interesting to think about when looking at pieces to incorporate into your next remodel or even just re-decorating project in your home. At Arise we primarily work with certified supplies and select products that are designed to last and vetted for downstream effects.  Nearly every vendor we work with is either solely offering or offers LEED certified and/or sustainably sourced materials.

Highlight 2: Clearing the Air

One of the largest catalysts to climate change is air pollution. But did you know that there are now ways to combat air pollution that actually start with the household pieces you buy? One of the most popular and budget-friendly retailers, IKEA, is working on this solution within their products specifically. According to i + D Magazine, “In 2018, the company launched the Better Air Now initiative in an effort to combat air pollution by turning rice straw — a harvesting residue that contributes to air pollution when burned — into raw material.”  These pieces under the collection, FÖRÄNDRING, are available in Europe and India exclusively, however the collection has made fast waves since the initiative started and has plans to become available globally. It’s options like these that will make the difference for the masses. People from all economic levels can afford to reduce their carbon footprint, without sacrificing design aesthetic.



Highlight 3: Reducing Landfill Waste

A major issue that still has no resolution, is the process of how we get rid of our waste. While we do have landfills, these landfills are only a small bandaid over a massive problem. Any way that we can reduce, reuse and recycle, the better. And it’s amazing at the current number of companies, from furniture, to beauty to food, that are centering their products and packaging solely on recycled materials. One successful business example that  i + D Magazine showcases is Greg Benson, CEO and Co-Founder of Loll Designs. Benson uses recycled water cartons to make stunning Adirondack chairs, as well as a full line of stunning outdoor furniture, from dining tables and chairs to lounges. He says that “more than half of his sales come from architects and designers.” This is exactly the type of product we look for at Arise Interiors when making product and finish sections. There has also be a new interest in carbon offsets for remodel projects.  It’s a one-time expense that is relatively small that can reduce the impact of building.

Highlight 4: Telling a Story

More and more standards are increasing for companies to be green and sustainable. It’s not merely enough to use these buzzwords as consumers and businesses increasingly want to know how their goods were sourced and manufactured, what chemicals were used (if any), and how they were made. At Arise Interiors we have numerous sustainable design practices not only in our projects, but in our office too. See below as to how our office is sustainable.

  • We minimize consumption of single use plastics and paper
  • Limit passive heat gain during hot months
  • Offset carbon consumption
  • Chose an office location based lower commute times and access to public transit
  • Employ sustainable design practices and materials for clients

To access and read the full article in i + D Magazine, click the link here.

Featured Image via Tiles of Spain

San Diego Union Tribune  – Relaunch Into Summer Adventure with a Family-Focused Backyard

San Diego Union Tribune – Relaunch Into Summer Adventure with a Family-Focused Backyard

“Skip the molded plastic and set your sights on long-term, fun-friendly space that all can enjoy.”

The playhouse is also a nice escape for Mom and Dad, who sometimes go up and enjoy a cocktail hour. But the playhouse may be the most conventional part of the yard.” – Caron Golden

Unique and Playful:  Traci Taylor and Joe Metcalf’s backyard in their Mission Bay area home is arguably the family’s favorite spot to hang, quite literally. Back when the home was purchased in 2005, the couple seized the opportunity to build around their beloved Brazilian pepper tree. This treehouse soon became the family’s ever evolving project.

“A spiral staircase leads up into the 150-square-foot, multilevel treehouse, although there are also a couple of other ways to enter. The structure’s main level is approximately 10 feet by 12 feet — spacious enough for the children to lug up beach chairs and set them out, says Golden, “but Taylor said her kids usually bring a blanket or beach towel and picnic in the space. There’s even a pulley to send up lunch.”

The playhouse is also a nice escape for Mom and Dad, who sometimes go up and enjoy a cocktail hour. But the playhouse may be the most conventional part of the yard” says Taylor to Golden. “We looked at getting a jungle gym, but it was too small for us, as parents, to play on,” Taylor further explained. 

Traci and her husband made it their next mission to source pieces such as rings, swings and other types of apparatuses that were big enough for them to play on, in addition to their children. As their additions grew, so has their amount of time invested hanging in their optimized backyard oasis.

Read more on the following article by Caron Golden on the details of Traci and Joe’s backyard, as well as tips from Traci on how to create an authentic backyard of your own. SDUT

Read the rest of the article on San Diego Union Tribune July 2020

Photography via the San Diego Union Tribune

Want to read more about the design process and watch the client’s testimonial? Check out the Case Study!

How to Incorporate Sustainable Interior Design Into Your Home

How to Incorporate Sustainable Interior Design Into Your Home

Traditionally, the talk on sustainable interiors design practices and materials was never the main focus of interior design, but that is definitely changing.
Interior designers and brands are starting to pay attention to the environmental impact of the interior design process. From design and production to shipping and recycling.

Additionally, there is an abundant amount of sustainable materials in today’s second-hand market. As an article in Vishion put it, “in a world where convenience is prioritized over all else, it’s easy to fall into a lifestyle that’s synonymous with wastefulness.” And when it comes to interior design, there are a multitude of options we can take to sub in a recycled material. As a matter of fact, almost every material when remodeling can be sourced ethically and sustainably. So before you start your next home project, check out these simple tips to create a beautiful space, while reducing your carbon-footprint, and putting your money where your mouth is. 

Tip 1: Source Second-Hand Furnishings

One way to keep costs low and aesthetic authentic, is to opt for second-hand furnishings. Second-hand furnishings not only boost the up-cycle movement, but they help to reduce waste in your local community. Another reason why shopping second-hand is resourceful, is because shopping second-hand helps the local antique shops and thrift stores within your community. After all, there’s nothing that a little polishing can’t fix. Here’s a great spot in the San Diego community with over three locations that you can explore for repurposed furnishings.


Photo via Kelly Elko,


Tip 2: Refurbish Those Dining Room Chairs

Well, maybe not specifically your dining room chairs, but before buying a new, think about what you already have. Taking a thorough inventory of what furniture pieces are giveaway versus which ones just need a fresh refurbish can make a big difference in your decorating cost. When you reupholster a set of outdated dining room chairs, you get to keep the old-world charm all while ditching the out dated and worn upholstery. And the same can be said for refinishing. Sometimes all a piece of furniture needs is some sanding and staining, or even more simple, just a repaint!

Tip 3: New Paint Goes a Long Way

The paint color is crucial in every home project, whether it’s the exterior or interior this is a fast and easy way to give your space a new look or the same look but refreshed. However, when choosing a paint one thing to absolutely consider is the type of paint. Eco-Friendly paint is always the most environmentally responsible way to go. Consult with your local hardware store for eco-friendly paint options as well as conduct your own research online beforehand. 

Tip 4: Install Recycled Materials

We are always trying to keep an eye on how to make projects more sustainable. There are tons of great products out there. Many times using what already exists is even more beneficial to the environment and carbon footprint than sourcing new ‘green’ materials. While we do agree, all the materials need to be quality, it’s also important not to discount recycled materials such as recycled glass, bamboo and salvaged wood. By incorporating these base materials into your home, you can achieve beauty and uniqueness in the details without sacrificing quality or longevity.  

Here is a great example of an Arise Interior project that used various sustainable designs in just one room (pictured above):

  • Reusable Concrete Sink: 50’s era sink typically found in garages and laundry rooms in the area. It was found online and refreshed with a black epoxy coating and is now a feature piece.
  • Flooring: New concrete tile transitions into an existing bamboo floor that was kept intact through the remodel.
  • Door: Original door from 1950’s, it’s a better quality and look, plus they will hold up for a longer time than starting with new doors, even accounting for their 60+ age already.
  • Wooden Siding: The siding on the wall was sourced from Habitat for Humanity Restore and hand distressed.


Tip 5: Do Your Research

Get to know the local construction and interior businesses within your community, as well as search for resourceful websites that provide further sustainable tips and information. For this article, we found this website, Vishion, quite direct when sharing tips on how to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into your next renovation project. Read more through the link above. 

If you are considering a remodel project in your home, contact Arise Interiors today to line up a consultation with our leading designer.

Featured Image via Pierre Châtel-Innocenti

4 Steps To Prepare For A Successful San Diego Remodeling Project

4 Steps To Prepare For A Successful San Diego Remodeling Project


San Diego’s climate offers the perfect opportunity to remodel any time of the year. Whether you plan to upgrade your home’s exterior or renovate your kitchen, steps should be taken to ensure a smooth process and an excellent relationship with your contractor and designer. Your vision will easily come to life if you start your project with clear communication and expectations. These four steps can build relationships that will ensure your remodel will be a dream come true.


Step 1: Get A Contract

Communication is key to any successful professional relationship.  Get a clear contract that outlines any potential circumstances which may arise throughout the project. By expressing your expectations and goals at the start of the project, your contractor and designer can help guide your expectations. No remodeling project goes perfectly, so an in depth contract can prevent problems over the course of your renovation.


Step 2: Establish A Budget

Establishing a budget at the start is important to avoid any complications during  your remodel. At Arise Interiors we’ve developed a tool that assists in setting a working budget for any project. We always start by learning about your dreams and aspirations for your home and go from there. Establish how much you will spend if all things go as planned, but also to set a “just in case” budget incase you run into complications. You will get what you want without breaking the bank if, or more likely, when a complication arises. A budget also provides a guideline for a productive relationship between you, your contractor, designers, as well as your spouse or other decision makers that are involved in the project.


Step 3: Establish Your Boundaries

Communication is crucial to the success of your remodeling project. You will spend a significant amount of time with your designers, contractors and workers. They will spend time in your home, so it is important to establish and communicate your boundaries. If you would like workers to use a particular door, bathroom, etc, establish those requests up front. Additionally think about your own daily routine. For example, if there are days you are not available, communicate that. Do you have young children or pets? If so, accommodations can be made, but only if your project team knows that from the beginning. 


Step 4: Prepare Your Home

While your home is under construction, your day-to-day life will be disrupted. The kitchen is a key space in any home, and if it’s out of commission an alternative cooking space most likely will be needed. Outdoor spaces in Southern California fortunately work well for this. Additionally, you’ll need to clear paths for workers to maneuver in and out, and stow away any fragile, valuable and bulky items safely out of the way.


Success Starts with You

Your home is important. Getting a remodel project done right can make all the difference, and finding the right team is key. Let us know if you have any questions or would like more information about the process.

If you are considering a remodel project in your home, contact Arise Interiors today to line up a consultation with our leading designer.