A Bath with Personality

“The universal design aspect makes this bathroom special on many levels.” – Linda Medina

Artistry and Access:  Waves of tranquility wash over a bathroom creation featuring a circular stained-glass window with whorls of art swimming within a sea of glossy, turquoise-teal wall tiles. The room’s beauty belies the fact that the space’s main design priority to address accessibility needs.

“My clients had downsized into a typical townhome and needed this new space to stand out but also be accommodating of aging in place,” designer Traci Taylor of Arise Interiors explains. “Jim has a handful of challenges ahead of him in dealing with Parkinson’s and all of its symptoms.”

“The existing bathroom was small and narrow and was difficult to get in and out of, “Jim adds, “I wanted the bathroom to be easy for me to navigate and put the kibosh on tripping hazards.”

By eliminating the tub and not using a shower door as well as creating a curb-less shower and installing anti-slip porcelain flooring to reduce the likelihood of falling, Traci not only optimized the shower space for mobility, but gave it a sleek, minimalist look. SDHG


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