A welcoming home emerges from an empty box in this East Village loft.

“Designer Traci Taylor has fashioned an inviting, modern, relaxing home in an industrial loft space.”

Traci Taylor:  Thank you San Diego Home and Garden Better by Design for the  “LOFT LOVE”! We made a harsh industrial space feel like home; a livable, warm and fun place that takes advantage of the great loft windows, doors and incredible views of the emerging East Village scene. We loved this fun and challenging East Village transformation opportunity!

“To become cozy nests, big empty warehouse-style spaces need lots of design help.

For this East Village loft, designer Traci Taylor split-up the space by crafting a private section for the bedroom, closet and master bath; and created kitchen, bar and dining areas meant for entertaining.


To separate the bedroom suite from the living area, she installed a partition of opaque glass, added solid surrounding walls. An added Solid wall allowed for a built-in closet, while also dividing the room from the kitchen. By integrating a concrete support beam at the foyer, she landed a wine bar next to the cook space. And with a mix of modern furniture and enticing accessories, she ensured a more inviting atmosphere. ” SDHG