Kudos for Traci Taylor of Arise Interiors, for her contemporary bathroom redo in La Jolla. An inspiring space.

“We love how this shower-tub space is open to the outdoors, but private and how the room is flooded with natural light .”  – Judge Danielle Perkins

Thank you San Diego Home and Garden Lifestyles “Honorable Mention” awards for featuring our bathroom remodel in La Jolla. Using clean lines and lots of glass we gave this space lots of breathing room; inviting the outside in. Soft tones and luxurious materials make this master bath a divine respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

“We love how this shower-tub space opens to the outdoors, yet remains private, and how the room floods with light. The feeling is effortless and clam; appealing to all three judges.”
Traci Taylor: ‘The master bath had a large sunken area for the tub and shower, which created an awkward space that felt like a void. Bringing the floor surface up to the same level was the first step, by utilizing a large window, we allowed the outdoors to be a focal point, not just a detail. These details opened up the space and created a real sanctuary garden feel, within the bathroom.’ SDHG 

Thank you for the opportunity to reveal your master bath’s potential. We really love this project.