Pulling It All Together

For more than 15 years, Patty collected magazine clippings of kitchens she loved. When it was finally time for her to remodel her home, she came to me with stacks of ideas and an interesting request. Patty had always loved Poggenpohl kitchens but felt she could not afford one. However, she was able to purchase two kitchen displays in two different styles at a fraction of the cost. My challenge was to integrate these fixtures into one cohesive kitchen design.

Patty’s Wish List

  • Create a modern, functional kitchen using new display cabinets and surfaces.
  • Remodel ground floor during second floor addition.
  • Update the appliances to the highest specification.
  • Create a family gathering space for three active girls.

Discovering Opportunities 
for Improvement

During the second story construction, we met at the house to discuss the wants and needs of a new kitchen. I had to figure out how to integrate the two displays and put all the parts together into one cohesive design. Quite a challenge!

I discovered:

  • The kitchen needed to be moved from its original location.
  • Cabinets were in storage and were different heights and finishes.
  • Patty had beautiful black and white photographs she wanted to feature.
  • Often more than one person was cooking in the kitchen.

Putting It All Together

I created 5 complete interior design concepts that the Garay’s adored! I incorporated the existing Poggenpohl cabinets seamlessly with the new details of the kitchen. Together, we chose appliances that were at the top of the professional range. The remodel gave them the Poggenpohl kitchen of their dreams!

  • Expanded the kitchen after moving it to a different part of the house.
  • Open plan so Patty could interact with the kids while she prepared dinner.
  • Contemporary Euro look and feel with translucent cabinet doors.
  • Dual cooking spaces with a gas stove and an induction cook top for a dual working triangle.

This project proves that even with difficult constraints, you can accomplish a beautiful end result. In this one kitchen, there is a material mix including white quartz, grey quartz, and a wood counter top, all working in harmony with a glass bar. I was able to combine the variety of finishes into an inviting entertainment hub. There is plenty of space throughout the ground floor for Patty to feature her eclectic art collection and stunning family photos.

  • Eating area accent wall, wood paneling to match kitchen cabinetry.
  • Integration of existing fittings for an efficient and inviting space.
  • Cool, natural surfaces to create a Euro look and feel.

Patty had a dream. For years she had wanted a home that matched her style and aesthetic. Because budget and repurposing were a big consideration for this job, I explored ways we could get the most out of each and every design decision. Patty’s cabinet displays sat in storage for 6 years until she could find the right designer to put all the pieces together to make her dream kitchen come true.
I was that person.

“I saw Traci’s work and loved it. I asked her to take the two different cabinetry displays I purchased and make them fit into my new kitchen. After waiting for years to remodel our house, I needed someone who could bring it all together. Traci was the perfect choice.” – Patty Garay

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