Clean and Classic, Room by Room

I have enjoyed working with this family over the years on four interior design projects! First, I created a new kitchen and powder bath for them. Then, a few years later, we again came together for the master bath and main staircase. For all of the projects, we relied on my initial discovery process, and style guide for their entire home. The client’s love earthy tones, whimsical finishes, and a contemporary “artisan” vibe. With each remodel, their Rancho Bernardo home became a beautiful expression matching this style.

Kitchen Wish List

  • A new kitchen with more natural light.
  • More cabinetry and storage space.
  • Open up the space between the kitchen and eating area.
  • Artisan tile in earth tones.
  • Modern appliances.
  • Quality build, using reliable and skilled contractors.

Discovering Opportunities 
for Improvement

Because the family knew they would be remodeling the entire house over time, I carefully considered the short and long term plans that would work best for the clients. Here are some things I noticed during the discovery process:

  • The original design was neutral and the same as the other homes in their track house community, built in the 1970’s. The interior lacked individual expression.
  • The original kitchen had dated fixtures and poor workflow.
  • The client was open to trying new things and putting their personal stamp on the design!
  • The ceiling fluorescent light was no longer appealing to the client.
  • It was hard for the clients to visualize what they wanted.

Transforming The Home

I created design concepts in three steps. First I created a space plan to help the client see the changes I was proposing. Next, I created elevations to visualize what a vertical space would look like. Once approved, we looked at colors, finishes, textures and patterns. Every step of the way, I was interpreting the client’s desires into my vision boards. Using this process, they were comfortable and secure in the decision-making.

  • Expanded the kitchen window for additional view of garden and natural light.
  • Walls feature artisan tile in earth tones.
  • Consistent wood species throughout the home – cherry wood.
  • Custom cabinetry built to be a wine bar and storage.

In each of the remodel projects, my goal is to continually exceed my client’s expectations through creative space planning and my knowledge of the excellent products that make a room really shine. This home is filled with impeccable design with the utmost function. The key to pleasing any client is to sit down and really listen to their needs and wants. By doing so, we continually please our clients and achieve success.

  • Handmade mosaic red-fired clay tile combined with black granite backsplash.
  • Fluorescent lighting replaced with pendants, dimmable recessed lighting.
  • Interior cabinet lights.
  • Random hopscotch-set limestone flooring
  • Custom light-cherry cabinets that are playful and creative.

It’s so nice to really understand your client and have them appreciate you. The clients remodeled their home in phases, as t heir needs and lifestyle changed. When it was time to update the kitchen, make adjustments to the staircase for the grandkids, or treat themselves to a spa master bath – I was eager to help. I took care of all the little details of this project so the homeowners didn’t have to, they were able to stay relaxed and confident that I was managing the project all the way.

Room by room, their house is transforming into a dream home they will enjoy for years to come.

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