Every child’s (or adult) dream is to have a great treehouse, There is something extraordinary about having your own space, high up in a tree, where nooks and crannies are made from tree branches.

Joe and I have been talking about building a tree house in this tree far before our daughter entered our lives. Now that she big enough we thought it was time. This project will take some time and seems organic in it’s form. I have attempted to draw plans but I am certainly not a tree house designer and find it very difficult unless sitting in the tree as I draw.
(which is uncomfortable but fun)

Tree blog 13Tree-blog-13b

that’s not all true, we have designed a deck in that is level with the fence line offering great views of the canyon and ocean. It is large enough for adults to hang out on at cocktail hour

Tree blog 13cWe would like to add items like hand-woven rope net railings,  Pulley Bucket,  Speaking Tube is made from brass pipe, Firepole and tire swing